Camping Trip 1998

Rivernook Campground

Sean in front of Rivernook Campground.The campground is located just a few miles north of Kernville near Lake Isabella.

14001 Sierra Way
PO Box 8
Kernville, CA 93238
(760) 376-2705



This is our campsite. As you can see, it's surrounded by trees which made it more private.


Ami, Dad and Sean playing in the stream which was directly across from our campsite. It was a nice place for the kids to play in.

Sleeping Soundly


Ami, Sean and Dad getting some sleep.

My First Fish!


Dad tried real hard to catch a fish, but Sean caught his first fish ever on only his second cast!.

Swimming in the Kern River

This was a small fork of the Kern River about 2 miles north of our campground. The river flowed pretty slowly and was only about six feet deep at the deepest point. That made it an ideal swimming hole.


Ami relaxing on the shore of the Kern River.

Kern River

Dad, Ami and Sean on the banks of the Kern River.

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